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New Zealand Health Group’s 2022 Employee Award Winners

New Zealand Health Group's 2022 Employee Award Winners

As 2022 came to a close, New Zealand Health Group came ‘Together for Good’ to celebrate the outstanding people who went above and beyond last year, with our annual employee awards. These dedicated, talented staff members exemplified our Employee Values of Working for Good, Good to Belong, Rewarded for Good, Leading for Good, and Changing for Good. Through all the joys and challenges of the past year, these employees displayed strength, character, and passion for their work and teams.

“We never stop experiencing, overcoming, and learning from challenges in our line of work, and 2022 has been no different. Everything we have accomplished this past year would be impossible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing employees,” said Josephine Gagan, Managing Director of New Zealand Health Group.

“All of our employees live and breathe our new Employee Values, which have inspired our Employee Awards this year. We are delighted to have such a dedicated group of people to acknowledge and celebrate tonight,” she added.

Congratulations to all of New Zealand Health Group’s 2022 End of Year Employee Award winners:

Working for Good Award

For the employee who works tirelessly to make a difference for the people we support. They always go the extra mile to help others make the most of life.

Winners: Erica Thomas (HealthCare NZ Senior Specialist Complex Lead) & Jarrod Burrell (Deaf VHN Specialist) – photo to come

Good to Belong Award

For the employee who works well with others. They are friendly, approachable, understanding and are willing to use their strengths and abilities to keep our work-whānau strong.

Winners: Saurabh Chhibba (HealthCare NZ Senior Service Facilitator) & Ronesh Ram (Support Worker) – photo to come

Rewarded for Good Award

For the employee who gives back to their work-whānau. They support and look out for their team and help them grow both professionally and personally.

Winners: Richard Sissingh (Operations Manager Deaf and Disability Support Services)– accepted by manager Lyn Dalgety on his behalf & Anita Curpen (Community Support Worker) – photo to come

Leading for Good Award

For the employee who strives to create the best support possible for the people we care for and to create equity for all. They are a shining example of a leader in the healthcare sector.

Winners: Josh Coll (National HR Manager) & Joanne Eden (Mental Health NZ Recovery Facilitator) – photo to come

Changing for Good Award

For the employee who creates innovation and has a creative forward-thinking approach to their work. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind to create movement and change that improves the lives of others.

Winners: Arianna Rangi (Māori Business and Policy Lead) & Kurstyn Stedman (Explore Specialist Advice Psychologist) – photo to come

New Zealand Health Group CEO Award

For the employee who consistently produces outstanding results, inspires everyone around them, and goes above and beyond for their New Zealand Health Group work-whanāu.

Winner: Ivan Zvegintsev (Business Solutions Senior Project Manager)