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Our Story

Pai Ake Tatau
Together for Good

As New Zealanders, there is nothing we value more than our health and wellbeing, our independence and our sense of togetherness.

At New Zealand Health Group, we look out for one another and come together for the good of others across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We’re the largest community health, disability and wellbeing group supporting over 30,000 people to get on with making the most of life in their own homes, communities and work places.

Every day, our team of over 10,000 passionate people from all walks of life come together to find better ways to support people and improve their health and wellbeing through our technology, clinical expertise and a lot of aroha from our team.

Together, we work with the government and community organisations, local business, iwi and whānau, in nearly every corner of the motu to make sure everyone has equitable access to the support they deserve.

We continue to bring our skills, determination, and achievements together to transform people’s lives.

E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini.

My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective.

We Believe

We believe that nothing is more important than health and wellbeing.
We believe in promoting independence and an individual’s right to choose what’s best for them.
We believe everyone deserves access to the support that fulfills their needs.
We believe cultural identity matters, and that everyone’s voice must be heard.
We believe wellbeing isn’t just physical: it’s also mental,
emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental.
We believe in working collaboratively with individuals, whānau, iwi,
community organisations, and government.
We believe in making it simple for people to access multiple services.
We believe in discovering better ways to do things and in using technology to improve lives.
We believe our people are our most important taonga.
We believe interpersonal connections enrich, support, and give meaning to all our lives.

Maha rawa wā tatou mahinga te kore mahi tonu, tawhiti rawa tō tātou haerenga te kore haere tonu.

We have come too far not to go further, we have done too much not to do more.

Pae Ora mō Tātau Katoa - Achieving Wellbeing for Everyone

New Zealand Health Group strives to work within Pae Ora mō Tātau Katoa, our Māori Equity Framework which champions equity of health outcomes for Māori.

We see our capabilities in the context of Sir Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā model, a Māori health model which promotes balanced, holistic wellbeing and encompasses 4 dimensions: Te Taha Hinengaro (Emotional and Mental Wellbeing), Te Taha Tinana (Physical Wellbeing), Te Taha Whānau (Social Wellbeing), and Te Taha Wairua (Spiritual Wellbeing). We have also included a fifth element – Te Taiao (Environmental Wellbeing).

Te Whare Tapa Whā is an integral part of Pae Ora mō Tātau Katoa: to learn more about this equity-enabling framework, see our info sheet here.