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NZ Crisis Response Workforce

Join the NZ crisis response workforce, help your community today.

Calling out all Kiwis, this is your chance to earn more while supporting your community. Join the NZ crisis response workforce that provides essential services in your local community and around New Zealand. No experience needed, you will be provided with free training if eligible and we will work around your available hours.

New Zealand needs your help

The government anticipates a high number of healthcare and Support Workers in your community will be unable to work due to having to isolate or having COVID-19. This means many vulnerable people around you, the elderly or those with disability, illness or injury, can face not receiving the much-needed support that will keep them safe at home. We urge you to lend a helping hand by joining the NZ crisis response workforce. This is a great opportunity for you to earn more by spending some of your available free time to make a real difference to people in your community.

Mandatory vaccination for health workers

As you will be a member of a team working in the health and disability sector, you will need to be fully Covid-19 vaccinated (including getting your booster when due) to be eligible.

More information can be found here

Free training available if eligible

Our training partners MySkill, have been a leading training provider within the sector for over 20 years.  They will support you to learn the new skills so you can be an active part of your community.  The training is completed online, and linked to NZQA unit standards.  

To be eligible for this training – you will need to be a New Zealand resident or citizen.

What happens after your application?

Our team will assess your application and will be in touch with you a soon as possible.

New Zealand Health Group is the country’s largest national provider of home and community support services, disability support, rehabilitation, mental health and behavioural support, health staffing, workplace support, and training.  If you are employed by us, you will have the opportunity to work for one of our subsidiary brands. Your work includes simple tasks such as:

  • Household management (e.g. cleaning)
  • Meals preparation
  • Welfare checks
  • Grocery shopping
  • Being the ‘2nd support worker’ for supporting people’s complex cares