Reach for the stars and go for that dream with Hiwa-i-te-rangi Māori Health Leadership Scholarship

Hiwa-i-te-rangi Māori Health Leadership Scholarship

The Māori Health Leadership Scholarship programme is one of our initiatives in building equity in health and wellness in Aotearoa New Zealand. We hope it will enable more Māori to be in decision making leadership roles within the health sector. 

Our workforce development scholarship invests $20,000 per annum to individuals who are on a trajectory to make a difference in health equity outcomes.  A maximum of $10,000 can be awarded to any one individual in a year and the scholarship can be used to pay for tuition fees, living costs or any bills related to your study.

We invite you to apply and we hope this scholarship will assist you to achieve your goals.

“My plans after graduating are to continue on the path I am on to try and drive meaningful change in the health sector that leads to improved Māori health outcomes.” says Carlton, one of last year scholarship recipients.

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Carlton Irving, last year scholarship recipient

Aroha Ruha, last year scholarship recipient

Who is eligible?

This scholarship is open to all Māori descendants, who are currently living in Aotearoa New Zealand and must be able to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to increasing Māori leadership within the health sector.
  • Show their passion for health equity and building a responsive health service for Māori.
  • Show their commitment and involvement in Te Ao Māori.

“I hope to register as a Nurse Practitioner after graduation and continue to work within my community of Kawerau, to help and contribute to improving the health and well-being of my whanau, hapu and iwi through prevention and education.” says Aroha, one of last year scholarship recipients.

To Apply:

  • Complete the electronic application form (click on “Apply Now” button below) by 5pm Wednesday 31 August 2022
  • Answer the questions in the application form
  • Provide all required documentation by 5pm Wednesday 31 August 2022

All applications are assessed by panel of kaumatua, Māori health experts and health development leaders. Terms & Conditions apply

Am I eligible to apply?

Click on this box to find out

You must check all criteria below

  • Are you of Māori descent?
  • Do you currently live in Aotearoa?
  • Can you describe how the study you are wanting to complete/continue will have an impact on health equity?


Hiwa-i-te-rangi is the final star that signals Matariki is nearing its end.  *Hiwa means ‘vigorous growth’ and its name is associated with the promise of a prosperous season.  It is to Hiwa that Māori would send their dreams and desires for the year, in the hope that they come true.

Let us support you in making that dream come to fruition and enable more Māori to thrive and support their community.


*[MATARIKI The Star of the Year, Dr Rangi Matamua (Tūhoe) 2017]

Artwork by:  Tāmihana Katene, Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Whātua

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